Realtors coming & New Print listed

Good Morning!  

Today, we have about 5 Realtors visiting to go through and critique our house.
I did a lot of cleaning yesterday & still have a ton to do today.  I am thrilled that I did 
get our bedroom curtains & family room curtains put up.  Plus, I got all the kids crafty messy items out of the sunroom and replaced the stained stiff rug with a lovely plush one.  Little by little the house is coming along.  

The one thing (aside from the housing market) that may hurt us is a new listing down the street.  Their house is the same size but with the grand 2 story foyer and more angled layout.  Ours is a colonial with lots of windows and a beautiful sunroom.   The other house is listed 20K below ours too!  Ugh! 
Anyhoo...Above is my latest digital collage print mixing old and new images.
Do you like the little birdies sharing their cup of tea? 

I hope you have a wonderful & productive day :)


MissMalaprop said...

The birds are so cute! I like how it's sort of fancy but colorful at the same time!

Kim Y. said...

Thanks so much!