Hoot! Hoot! Happy Monday!


I've been on a bit of an OWL run recently and decided to create these sweet BUBBLEGUM OWL 2" CIRCLES.  They can be used for scrapbooking, cupcake toppers and more!  
Currently, they are available at my ETSY shop.  I do have freebies in the works but am having trouble setting up the images for you!  I will be so happy when this is resolved as then I can post freebies on a regular basis.   Got to share the love!  

Our weekend was nice as my husband also took off Thursday and Friday.  Plus my Mother-in-law came up from Florida we had some great family time with the kids (and some down time for me as there were extra hands to help with the kids...yay!).

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Framing my Letter prints...


I just love creating these vintage / weathered looking letters!  
Last weekend I but some into small frames to show what they look like framed.
I think they will also look so pretty with matted frames.

I will have to get some so I can take more pics.  

Pizza just arrived!  Going to spend some family time now :)


My "missing" packed up art...

I created this painting for my little girl's room a few years ago and it look soooo beautiful in it's white wood frame over her white wicker furniture!  Unfortunately it is still packed up somewhere in the basement from our move that fell through and I cannot find it!   I would love to photo it so you could see how it looks with the frame AND I would love to have it up in her room for our house showings.
So looking forward to being settled somewhere and having my art studio all set up!  I promise I am not complaining :)  We have just been living in limbo for quite a while (few years) and I'm just so antsy and excited that our house is listed and we are beginning to get some showings.  

I know even when we do move and are "settled" life will still be wonderfully busy and beautifully crazy with the kids.  Just thinking about having my little art studio that is all set up where I can be messy and create and then shut the doors just makes me smile :) 

Have a fantastic day!


The other week my "Dream" print made it to the front page of ETSY!  I was up in at 1:30am getting milk for my little guy and decided to check.  Lo and behold...my print!  It's amazing because if I didn't check it at that time then I would not have known it was there.  It was only up for a few hours.  

I began selling on ETSY 2 years ago (on and off) with LittleArtStudio and don't think I was ever in a Treasury during that time.  Ever since I started  LetterStudio (about a month ago) my prints have been in well over 15...plus I landed the front page :)  Weird.  I guess my new images are more visually pleasing than my original whimsical art. 

Anyway, I'm still working on both shops and we will see where they lead.  The frontpage didn't yield any sales but that's OK.  I was too excited anyway and did get more "hearts" for my shop.  Right now, I'm just having fun with it and creating what I really want to...for both of my shops.  

Now, I'm off to work on finalizing some art for a licensing submission!
Have a great day :)


Realtors coming & New Print listed

Good Morning!  

Today, we have about 5 Realtors visiting to go through and critique our house.
I did a lot of cleaning yesterday & still have a ton to do today.  I am thrilled that I did 
get our bedroom curtains & family room curtains put up.  Plus, I got all the kids crafty messy items out of the sunroom and replaced the stained stiff rug with a lovely plush one.  Little by little the house is coming along.  

The one thing (aside from the housing market) that may hurt us is a new listing down the street.  Their house is the same size but with the grand 2 story foyer and more angled layout.  Ours is a colonial with lots of windows and a beautiful sunroom.   The other house is listed 20K below ours too!  Ugh! 
Anyhoo...Above is my latest digital collage print mixing old and new images.
Do you like the little birdies sharing their cup of tea? 

I hope you have a wonderful & productive day :)


Here is a sweet little Valentine's Day heart that you can add to your site or blog!  After many hours...yes hours...I could not figure out how to create an actual grab button.  If you do post my little heart to your site then I would love for you to link back to my blog (link below).  Thanks so much and enjoy!

  1. right click and save heart onto your desktop
  2. upload to your blog (adding an image widget) or to your site.
  3. link the image to  http://littleartstudio.blogspot.com/   
  4. know that I appreciate you spreading the LOVE...Thank you!


Sketching on a quiet Saturday...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  
Today has been very relaxing...even with 3 young kids in the house.
My 2 year old took a nap (which he never does anymore).
My 5 and 7 year old were playing on the computer upstairs.
We let them play as long as they wanted to as my husband and I soaked in the peace and quiet.

On top of all that, I worked on some sketches...Like the little kitty above?
I will be posting her in my LittleArtStudio etsy shop soon.

Also, check out the new fun vintage image collages in my other shop...LetterStudio on etsy.


Awww...This little OWL is thinking of love!
8 x 10 print on photo paper...See it in my ETSY shop.
This is a little digital collage I did using a vintage frame image and a wonderful owl graphic from a great shop called theInkNest

I am so into putting interesting images together.  It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time and so many ideas are pouring out of me!  Visit my LetterStudio shop to see more :)


New Etsy Shop!


I have been working on a variety of prints for my new ETSY shop.  
It's called LetterStudio and offers prints of individual letters as well
as images of everyday items.  The look is lovingly worn.

I have been wanting to create these images for a long time now and am so happy
with how they have turned out!

The right side of my blog now has both of my shops listed.
Thank you so much for looking!