Licensing site launched!

Sweet...I finally launched my Licensing site!

I originally began working on it a year ago but was never happy with it.
I would work on it straight for weeks.  Then a month would go by where it would just sit there...untouched and unpublished.  

The problem is that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my illustrations.  Unfortunately, this leads to nothing getting finished.  Please note though...When I get an assignment from someone I give 110% and make sure it's done beautifully and on time (I probably spend way too many hours tweaking & obsessing over it..lol!).  

Finally, I just sat down and got rid of what I don't like.   There are tons of artists sites that I love and admire and are so much better than mine.  But, in the end, this is the site I came up with and am so very happy with how it turned out...although I'm sure I will still be tweaking it!


New painting up :)


An original acrylic painting of a kitty next to a vase of flowers is up at my
etsy shop. 

My sitter is here so I'm having a lovely day catching up on errands, Dr. appointments, etc.
So much easier without the kids hanging on me.  Plus, I don't feel bad that I have to keep on saying, "wait a minute, honey...Mommy is on the phone."  Instead, they get to do crafts and fun things with our amazing babysitter :)  

Have a great Friday everyone! 


Sleeping Cat Painting...

Here is a sleeping cat painting I have up on etsy now.

I've been working on my beading more and more lately as it's not as messy as having paints out with my 2 yo.  Beading is fun but I am ready to paint again soon!