This is an ink illustration I did in the late 90's. Unfortunately, it pretty much illustrates what the kids did most of the day. Actually, my oldest was at camp for 5 busy hours so I shouldn't feel too bad. My 1 year old is just happy playing around the house. My 4 year old though could have used some more outdoor time today...But, keeping my little guy from running into the street took twice as much energy in this heat.

Oh well, I'm learning not to feel guilty or bad about having some low-key days. Sometimes it's nice to hang around the house (in the a/c) and get some things done while the kids play.

It's now 9:34 p.m. and they are all asleep. I'm going to finalize some artwork for my submission on Monday. So far, I only have 1 image complete! Usually I send in anywhere from 7 - 20 so I better get working. Bye!


As I mentioned in the post below this one...This is how the original "Sleeping Cat" painting looks. Below is a more muted version that was altered in Photoshop.

Out of curiosity, which one do you prefer?
This is a painting of a sleeping cat done in acrylics. The bold colors were altered to these muted ones in Photoshop. The original painting is above so you can see the difference. I just love to work with the effects in photoshop to give my are a different mood or look.


Crabby Label

I am getting back into making custom address labels. Here is a recent one I did. A whimsical little crab :)

Original Owl Sketch

Here's a little original owl sketch I just posted on etsy.
I was in the mood to sketch a whimsical owl.
Thinking of trying to colorize him in photoshop.
His tummy is calling out for rainbow colors!


Just one of those days...

It's almost 10 pm & the house is quiet. I usually have tons of patience to spare but today I was running out. Between potty training issues, kids arguing when they normally don't, and a wonderful temper tantrum in the store by my 6 year old (I thought kids were done w/ tantrums by 6) I felt drained. It was a perfect storm of events that just sucked the energy out of me.

At the days end, I had the kids push themselves on the swing while I hung out on the deck & blew bubbles with my 1 year old. Anyway, glad there is peace & quiet in the house once again :)

Hope your day was great!


My little guy is falling asleep in my arms right now..so sweet! I'll put him down & then work on some art w/ my other 2. I know we parents hear this all the time but I'll say it again.......

"Cherish & enjoy the times you have w/ your kids as they grow up so fast. Before you know it they will be in school & then time will really fly. Then, in a blink they are getting their drivers license, off to college, married, etc. etc."

OK, I've said my piece. Enjoy your day everone!


My 4 year old girl asks me all day long for a kitten. She says, "I wish for a kitten on a star, I wish on my Birthday candle, I dream about kitties and I still don't have one." Maybe when she is older.


2 New Sketches up at Etsy

Hi, I am listing on ETSY again after a long hiatus!
Feels good to create again.

Here is a sketch I have listed.

More to come :)


Owls in LoVe!

These are 3 little owl magnets I made out of polymer clay. They are hand formed & OOAK & will be listed in my etsy shop soon along with some art.


Back in the Air Conditioning...

Thank goodness for AC!

Just spent the day with the 3 kids at the outdoor shops. We finally got pictures taken...The picture to the left (my 2 with my Sis's kids) was taken nearly 3 years ago. My brother, a graphic artist, super-imposed my little girl in the wagon where she was supposed to be sitting (she was crying too much to be in the actual pic). He did a great job!

Today, I have 3 kids and my 1 year old made it into one picture before crying. Overall, the pics came out great.

I have friends that get pics done for each of their kids BD's and then for Easter & Christmas. That's like 2-4 x a year at least! I felt bad as it's been three years since we had them done and little kids change so much so quickly. What made me feel better is that I do take tons at home.

How often do you get pics done of your sweet kiddies?


Back in the Studio!

After adjusting to life with 3 kids, having surgery & a vacation I am now back at work on my art! New works will be posted soon on my ETSY shop.

I just love creating...Everything from painting, drawing, to jewelry & scrapbooking embellishments.

Outside weather is just gorgeous today so I'm off to enjoy it with my family. You do the same!