My "missing" packed up art...

I created this painting for my little girl's room a few years ago and it look soooo beautiful in it's white wood frame over her white wicker furniture!  Unfortunately it is still packed up somewhere in the basement from our move that fell through and I cannot find it!   I would love to photo it so you could see how it looks with the frame AND I would love to have it up in her room for our house showings.
So looking forward to being settled somewhere and having my art studio all set up!  I promise I am not complaining :)  We have just been living in limbo for quite a while (few years) and I'm just so antsy and excited that our house is listed and we are beginning to get some showings.  

I know even when we do move and are "settled" life will still be wonderfully busy and beautifully crazy with the kids.  Just thinking about having my little art studio that is all set up where I can be messy and create and then shut the doors just makes me smile :) 

Have a fantastic day!

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