Recycled Artwork...Abstracts on Cardboard

Below are some new abstracts done on some cardboard that was going to be recycled.   These are mixed media using acrylics and pen and sealed with protective varnish.   They will be listed for sale soon in my Etsy shop...I'll keep you posted.

OK, I have a habit of saving glass bottles and jars as well as cardboard backing from notepads and packing material in hopes of creating something beautiful out of them someday.   My collection grows until it becomes a huge pile and then find I have more items to paint than I have time to paint them.   Every few months I end up recycling most of the glass and most of the cardboard.  I let them go as they take up space and I know I'll accumulate some more.

Happily, I am beginning to tackle some of the cardboard pieces to create some new works of art!  My next paintings on cardboard I plan on leaving some of the cardboard as part of the painting so the lovely texture and color of the cardboard will be part of the final work.

Do you ever "hoard" items in hopes of beautifying them?


Springtime & Planning a Party

Springtime is here!

Although it's officially Spring I wore my winter scarf as it was a windy 38 degrees here in PA.  I'm glad I did as it was very chilly while I was watching my 4 year old run around the school yard with the other kids.   I love watching him run around and explore and look forward to watching him while feeling the warmth of the Spring sun vs. the chilly breeze of today.  There were still traces of Monday's snowfall on the grass!

This week I've been busy planning a Spring / Nature themed party for our daughter who turns 8.   She loves crafts and painting and has been happily helping with all that needs to be done.   The photo above shows a glimpse of flower pots the kids will assemble with silk flowers and decorative birds.   The photo below shows the backboard to a flower toss game.  I'll post pics of how everything turned out after the weekend.   Take care!


Remember Valentine's Day parties when you were in elementary school?

Happy Valentine's Day to You!

Remember the Valentine's Day parties you would have in Elementary school?  

I remember mine and they were my favorite of the class holiday parties!   First, you got to decorate your very own little mailbox (a.k.a. shoebox with a slot cut out) any way you want.   Then, kids fill it with cute tiny cards and yummy treats.   As a child who loved artwork (and chocolate) Valentine's Day was even better than Halloween.   You get yummy treats AND get to look at all the cute designs on the little Valentine's notes.  

My three kids are having their Valentine's Day today and I get to bring in cookies to one of the classes.
 I had high hopes of baking and decorating sweet heart cookies but that didn't happen.  Instead, I made a trip to the supermarket bakery & purchased beautiful heart cookies which I'm sure the kids will love.   Sometimes my Kodak / Hallmark moments of baking and decorating fancy cookies for my kids class parties don't come to fruition.   But, I will enjoy being there and watching the kids have a great time!

Enjoy yours!


Overwhelmed by all the inspiration!

I hope you are having a happy and healthy start to the new year!

As you can see...I haven't blogged much in a while.   I have realized that I have been spending WAY too much time being in awe of and...

                                                pinning (love Pinterest!)
                                                & cheering other artists creations in whatever free time I have.  

As a visual person I will always be seeking and absorbing other artists creations...but, I need to learn to limit the time I spend doing it.    I LOVE art, color, patterns, textures, so much that I easily get lost in the online jungle of inspiring images!  

Has that ever happened to you? 

Anyway, I'll share some of my favorite finds soon.   Plus, I will be giving myself some art assignments that I will share with you weekly.    I'll keep you posted...I promise ;)

Have a great day everybody!