OK, I know it's early but here are C'mas Labels!

I know it's only the end of September but these labels were such a hit last year that I thought I would list them earlier this year. I just had my first sale of these so I guess it may not be too early to list!

These labels add a festive touch to your outgoing mail. Or, you can have them printed with another message such as, "Happy Holiday's from the Smith Family" and use them on gifts.

You can see them HERE.


Painting nearly finished

Here is a painting in progress. Not quite done with it yet. I have been drawn to birds this year for some reason. I really want to get new work into my ETSY shop. Hopefully in the next week or so as my time will be freeing up a bit more.

Have a great weekend!


Flowers From a Friend

A friend of mine gave me some flowers as a thank you for watching her kids while she had a doctor's appointment. I placed them on my kitchen counter and took some shots. My countertop gives a nice grainy feel to the background.


Kids + Deck equals this must have!

The best $145ish ever spent! We had a gate put on our deck when it was built a few summers ago. I never would have thought of it until I saw it at a friend's house. It is so great to keep my little one from falling down the steps. The deck is off the kitchen so I close the gate and let them hang out & blow bubbles while I do dishes. I don't have to worry about the little guy falling and I can keep an eye on them the whole time. Plus, I leave the door open from the house to the deck so I can hear them as well.

***Tip*** Get one that has a key lock also. My 2 year old nephew at the time figured out how to unlatch the gate in 2 seconds flat! If you lock it with the key the latch will not open :)

Too Early for Halloween Cupcakes?

Yummm! My parents visited this weekend and made some sugary sweet cupcakes with Halloween decorations on them. I can't think of anything sweeter than a frosted cupcake :)


My Camera

I just love turning on my camera...

and finding all the random pictures...
...my kids take :)


Chalk Drawings on the Driveway

A favorite thing for my kids to do is to ride their bikes on a "road" I drew with chalk. Along the way I do drawings of ducks, houses, ice cream shoppe so they can pretend to feed the ducks & get ice cream.

Stop signs are a fun addition as they like to stop when they see it.

Simple little drawings = lots of fun & imaginative play for the kids.