Original Art...Songbird #3...


Having a great weekend?  So am I!  We had a sitter yesterday so my husband and I escaped 
to Lambertville, NJ for a while.  We saw so many wonderful art galleries and gift shops (I'll have to post some links later after I look through all the business cards I collected).

The painting above is Songbird #3 and the original is listed in my Etsy shop. 
You can also see a Relaxing Cat original there as well.  Enjoy!


Pretty pretty ballerina Bear...

Like my little Ballerina Bear?
The original was painted in acrylics...The print is in my shop.


Another snow day and New Prints!

Another snow day so the kids are home with me.  We will probably play Monopoly again, read books, Wii and maybe a movie while munching on warm popcorn.  I just love these lazy days with the kids.  

Above are some adorable grungy kids prints I just listed on ETSY. 
I am working on an entire collection of bold images that would look great in kids rooms.
Hope you like them :)

Stay warm and safe everyone!


Valentine's just around the corner...

Wow...I think it was the day after Christmas when I began to see the Valentine's Day items out!  
From Halloween all the way through Easter seems like a whirlwind of treats, family & decorations :)

Like my Valentine Hearts above?  I created them using Adobe Illustrator.  I love being able to change the colors and line styles with just a click of the mouse.  It's great for me because colors are not my strong point so I can try out different combinations to see what looks best and not have to redo the drawing over and over.  

Have a great Saturday!  


Knitting Kitty...

I created this little knitting kitty a few years ago.  

My Mom really got into knitting scarves so we have about 10 of them now...
all different lengths and colors.
My Mom & I laugh though as some are too short...
One is too wide to wrap around my little girl...and One is super stiff.  
We love them all though :)

Happy Knitting


New Art Studio coming along...

Above is a picture of my new art studio!  We added french doors to our sitting area of our bedroom.  Brought up my parents old warped dining room table (solid fruitwood is sooo heavy!).  Moved a skinny IKEA tall shelf that we have had for over 10 years. Added a broken, worn out dining room chair and some art supplies and Wha Laa!  An art studio!

Of couse there is still organizing that needs to be done.  I'm going to enjoy it whenever I can until we sell our house.  The photo above shows my messy desk...Notice the pencil shavings behind the red paint?  I still need to get a garbage can.

My whimsy bird is almost done & will be posted on Etsy along with others soon...I will let you know :)   


Fresh fruit direct from sunny FL...


My husband drove back from Florida with a giant bag of oranges and grapefruit.....
So good!  I wish the grapefruits were more affordable up in the North East.
On sale they are $1 each!  Right now I'm in my glory eating 2 a day for next to nothing :)


Bring on 2011 !

Hope everyone had a happy and safe eve last night!  We spent it home...warm & cozy with the kids.  No wild parties this year ;)

OK, Some things I want to work on right away in the New Year are:

  1. Work off my holiday weight....My jeans are sooo tight!
  2. Develop a schedule for house cleaning, meals, and time to work in the studio & stick to it.
  3. Work on a new craft / art project with the kids each month.  I would love to do it once a week but time just flies by too quickly.  
  4. Finish the freebie charts I am working on to share with everyone.
  5. Get my Licensing site up.   I have to stop being a perfectionist with it already.
  6. Get my new main site up.  Again...stop being a perfectionist!
  7. Learn how to create a multiple page PDF file from Illustrator CS.  Do I NEED to buy Adobe Acrobat or should I just buy the newest version of Illustrator?
  8. Declutter the house and prepare for an Open House (I just know it will sell this year!).
  9. Eat fruits & vegetable every day...I'm so bad with that.
  10. Start my vitamin regimen.

Whew!  I think that's enough things to get started in the New Year.
Did you make any resolutions?