Remember Valentine's Day parties when you were in elementary school?

Happy Valentine's Day to You!

Remember the Valentine's Day parties you would have in Elementary school?  

I remember mine and they were my favorite of the class holiday parties!   First, you got to decorate your very own little mailbox (a.k.a. shoebox with a slot cut out) any way you want.   Then, kids fill it with cute tiny cards and yummy treats.   As a child who loved artwork (and chocolate) Valentine's Day was even better than Halloween.   You get yummy treats AND get to look at all the cute designs on the little Valentine's notes.  

My three kids are having their Valentine's Day today and I get to bring in cookies to one of the classes.
 I had high hopes of baking and decorating sweet heart cookies but that didn't happen.  Instead, I made a trip to the supermarket bakery & purchased beautiful heart cookies which I'm sure the kids will love.   Sometimes my Kodak / Hallmark moments of baking and decorating fancy cookies for my kids class parties don't come to fruition.   But, I will enjoy being there and watching the kids have a great time!

Enjoy yours!