OK, this is not my best work but I don't have any turkey artwork at all. So, I made you the classic hand-trace-turkey! Remember tracing your hand when you were little to make one?

Aside from being thankful for my family, good health, roof over our head, food on the table, I'm also thankful that I actually get to be with my family during the holidays.

Ten years ago I worked at a TV station which was open 24/7 so working holidays was a given. One year I had to work on Thanksgiving and I remember how sad and left-out I felt as I drove my 63 mile commute passing tons of families driving in their cars to their Thanksgiving destinations. I knew they were going to be with their family and friends and I would be at my job which I didn't like (it was beyond non-productive). Each Thanksgiving I think about that day and how left-out & homesick I felt & appreciate every holiday that I am able to spend with my family.

My heart goes out to those in the Military who cannot be with their own families during the holidays. I think about it from each side...from the soldier who is out there in rough conditions, devoting and risking their lives for us...to their parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, kids, and how they wish they could be with their loved one.

I am so Thankful for those men and women & I hope they can soon return home and be with their families.


Our Halloween Party...

It was a success! My husband actually suggested that we invite our kids classmates so we can have a big blow out next year. We will see if that happens :) I would love to invite everyone but just wanted it small this year...so, we kept it to playdate kids only. We ended up with 9 kids as 2 were sick and 1 fell asleep after his morning soccer match. Kids are so cute!

We made some fun snacks...I did not get many pictures as we were just too busy!

  1. Family Fun idea...Spider Cupcakes! We had a hard time finding black shoestring licorice for the legs. Eyes are mini marshmallows, centers were dabs of frosting. The kids all decorated their own for an after lunch treat.
  2. Yummy assortment of Halloween OREOs, classic chocolate sugar cookies and brownies.
  3. Family Fun idea...Apple Bites with almond slivers for teeth.
  4. Family Fun idea...Cheese Finger Food with apple piece for nail.
There were so many wonderful snack ideas that it was so hard to narrow down :)