Recycled Artwork...Abstracts on Cardboard

Below are some new abstracts done on some cardboard that was going to be recycled.   These are mixed media using acrylics and pen and sealed with protective varnish.   They will be listed for sale soon in my Etsy shop...I'll keep you posted.

OK, I have a habit of saving glass bottles and jars as well as cardboard backing from notepads and packing material in hopes of creating something beautiful out of them someday.   My collection grows until it becomes a huge pile and then find I have more items to paint than I have time to paint them.   Every few months I end up recycling most of the glass and most of the cardboard.  I let them go as they take up space and I know I'll accumulate some more.

Happily, I am beginning to tackle some of the cardboard pieces to create some new works of art!  My next paintings on cardboard I plan on leaving some of the cardboard as part of the painting so the lovely texture and color of the cardboard will be part of the final work.

Do you ever "hoard" items in hopes of beautifying them?

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