Springtime & Planning a Party

Springtime is here!

Although it's officially Spring I wore my winter scarf as it was a windy 38 degrees here in PA.  I'm glad I did as it was very chilly while I was watching my 4 year old run around the school yard with the other kids.   I love watching him run around and explore and look forward to watching him while feeling the warmth of the Spring sun vs. the chilly breeze of today.  There were still traces of Monday's snowfall on the grass!

This week I've been busy planning a Spring / Nature themed party for our daughter who turns 8.   She loves crafts and painting and has been happily helping with all that needs to be done.   The photo above shows a glimpse of flower pots the kids will assemble with silk flowers and decorative birds.   The photo below shows the backboard to a flower toss game.  I'll post pics of how everything turned out after the weekend.   Take care!

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