Kids are back in School!

 Wow...the summer sure went by fast!  After being home with the three kids all summer ( no camps) I'm ready for them to return to some structure.  They were very ready to go back too.  So now I have a child in 4th grade, 2nd grade and pre-k (he starts in September).  

I have so many plans to take advantage of my new freedom and create illustrations and paintings like crazy!  Organization and focus are important so to - do lists will be made and I will have a plan on what to focus on before I sit down to create.  I would hate for my precious two hours a day to be non productive because I'm chasing after every creative venture I want to pursue and not progressing on anything.

Needless to say, I'm so excited to begin creating again!

Do you have any plans for when your kids return to school?  If you work full time does your life get tremendously busier once your kids return to school ( homework, sports, etc.).  

Would love to hear how your schedule changes :)


Lisa M Griffin said...

It does go by so quickly, but like you very excited that there school year is off to a good start so that I can begin tackling creative and personal projects in the studio. :)

Kim Y. said...

Here here! Much luck to both of us!