A little painting today...

Hello! Here is a little painting I worked on today with watercolors, acrylics and pencils. I've been finding some precious pockets of time to paint this summer with the kids being home. It's been wonderful but I feel guilty at the same time that I'm not spending as much time with my kids as I should. The three of them have been busy on the computer while I paint. They have fun playing their games and I have fun painting (and enjoy the peace and quiet!) so I easily lose track of time. So, they end up with a bit more computer time than they probably should.

It's hard sometimes to find the right balance between carving a time to paint and doing more productive things with the kids. I need to create a schedule for limited painting time for me and computer time for the kids....and stick with it! I did begin my older two on chapter books yesterday...so that's good!

Are you home with your kids this summer too? I'm sure you are more disciplined than I am...lol :).


Lisa M Griffin said...

Yup, I have three of them at home too, so I understand completely the balance of home, family & creative time. Just do the best you can... my youngest often paints in the studio with me. :)

Kim Y. said...

Thanks for commenting :) Yes...Do the best you can. I'm glad we are past the point where the youngest would whip the paint brush around scattering paint drops everywhere! All the best to you :)