Results from recent house showings...

Good morning!

As you may know, we are selling our house so we can move closer to my husbands work.  Traveling 60 miles each way for over 5 years has lost it's thrill. 

We listed around Thanksgiving as although it wasn't the best time to list we figured maybe we would find that one person who wanted to buy.  Someone I know had 2 offers on Thanksgiving weekend so there was hope.  The result?  One showing and they liked the house but weren't planning on even listing theirs until the summer. 

Now that the holidays have past...and all the snowstorms...people are out looking again.  We had about 4 showings in the past few weeks and so far the feedback was as follows:

  1. One wanted a bigger kitchen.
  2. One wanted an office on the first floor instead of the second.
  3. One wanted a fireplace (we didn't get one this time as our last house had June bugs coming in & we never used it). 
  4. One said there were too many windows in the back of the house (sunroom has 5 and family room has 4) My Realtor said that was the first time she ever heard anyone not liking too many windows...especially in a sunroom...lol!

Anyway, everyone has their own likes and dislikes.  It is the biggest purchase that anyone will ever make in their lives so I understand that people want to find what they want. 

When we were looking for homes a couple of years ago I really wanted sidewalks so I wouldn't have to walk with the kids in the street.  I was surprised how many developments didn't have sidewalks!  It's not as important to me now that my kids are older and know not to run into the street.  

Also, I preferred patios / decks that were on or low to the ground vs. a walk out basement because I wanted to be able to run inside and do dishes or get dinner / lunch ready while keeping an eye on the kids.  Funny, daylight basements are usually preferred.

We have an open house this weekend so we are hoping to have some good results.   Wish us luck!


jacin {lovely little details} said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving your blog on the lovely blogs list! glad to find you :)

Kim Y. said...

Thank you! It was nice of you to give other bloggers space on your blog :)