Here is another version of my Owl print in more muted colors.  
I love the cool blues and greens with all the textures.

I must say that I did not illustrate this beautiful owl.  In my quest to find vintage art and components I came across these commercially available owls by TheInkNest on etsy.  I did not want to use them at first as I thought it might be strange that I am an artist and should create my own owl.   But, after much thought I kept thinking how much I just loved this artists design and use of pattern and figured why not.  I confimed with the artist if this use was accepable and she said, "yes!"  To my delight I obtained her owls and had so much fun creating this new print!

This print is available in my LetterStudio shop along with my other digital collage prints.  The owl just happens to be a newer design.  Plus, it's great to support another artist...right?  


Trade Your Talent said...

this owl looks great !

Kim Y. said...

thanks so much ;)