Staying put afterall...

OK, after packing up 85% of our home...our move to beautiful Doylestown, PA has fallen through. The people buying our house went with a less than reputable lender and never came through with the mortgage. The owners of the home we had a contract on didn't want to wait for us anymore so resold their house to someone else (who could blame them). 

Now, I am home with the kids and unpacking the boxes to the point where our home looks like a home again. Some things will remain packed as we may try to sell again next year. Also, I would love to have a yard sale to get rid of all the extra things we have and don't need. I cannot believe how many unnecessary things we have even after making numerous trips to donate items to the thrift store! 

I am looking forward to getting more Personalized Labels and artwork on ETSY once I unpack and set up my studio again.

Have a fantastic summer :)