Not so Foxy...

The other morning I was looking out my kitchen window and noticed a beautiful little red fox in our backyard. It was so pretty and I called the kids over to look at it. It pranced lightly up to the middle of our yard...looked up at a bird...and then pooped! In an instant we went from "Awww" to EwwwWWW!

Now I'm thinking of two weeks prior when my little girl was rolling down the hill as kids usually do in the summer AND my oldest son who ran out back barefoot to join her.

I'm either going to have to not let my kids roll down the hill or pick a section of the yard and inspect it before letting them roll down.

I never thought of these things before. Before this the only thing I worried about with the kids playing in the grass are ticks. Am I the only one who never thought of this type of situation?

Have a great night :)

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Jessica said...

That's a cute illustration! I sometimes see foxes running around in our neighborhood, too.