Happy Halloween, Everyone! What will your costume be this year? My kids will be a Ninja, a Duck, and my baby will just have dog/cat ears on.

My kids had their costume parades at their schools today & I saw some cute ones! I love when people take their time to make something really unique. Me on the other hand, did store-bought again! Finding the time to actually make a costume is not even in my mind at this time :)

Anyway, here are the cute costumes I saw. I took pictures but have to check them before I post them. They are not my kids so I want to make sure you can't see their faces.

Spaghetti & Meatballs...............Spaghetti was made from the thick strings of a mop.
Not sure what the meatballs were made of. He just had
the food sewn onto his regular clothes in splatters everywhere.

Jellyfish......................................This girl had a mushroom-type hat on with pretty sparkly streamers hanging down. She also wore a matching aqua-ish top and pants.

Paper Food Store Bag.................This girl wore a huge brown paper bag and had carton of eggs, and other food boxes popping out of the top where her shoulders were.

OK, off to finish prepping for our Halloween Party tomorrow!

Have a great one :)


jacqueline said...

Such a cute illustration! Happy halloween and have a lovely merry happy weekend!

Little Art Studio said...

Thanks, Jacqueline!