The Green Chair painting

This is a painting I did back in college in Charleston, SC. It was just before spring break when I found out that we were not allowed to stay in our dorms. My home was in NJ and I didn't have a car to drive home, or money for a train ticket, and couldn't find someone to carpool with. Thankfully, friends of mine lent me their apartment downtown. I had it all to myself!

The weather was unusually cold and rainy. All I had with me were shorts and t's! I definitely should have checked the weather. The apartment was freezing because I couldn't locate the thermostat in the 100+ year old house. Even the neighbors who live in similar homes couldn't find it. Since I pretty much had to stay in the house, I worked on a painting of the family room. They had this fun green chair and great "bowl" table. The perspectives are off but it definitely wasn't meant to be perfect. I was sad that I was pretty much alone (friends were visiting family) and wished I could have seen mine but also happy to have privacy and my paints with me on that cold spring break :)

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