New Neice!

This little illustration is for my baby neice. She is such a sweety and I cannot wait to hold her tomorrow! It truly is amazing how fast kids grow. One minute you are holding them in your arms and they are so light and sweet, floppy and delicate...And the next minute they are in pre-K running around with other kids.

It still amazes me sometimes that I am a Mommy to two little preschoolers! I still remember meeting a neighbor of mine (before I had kids) and thinking, "huh, she is my age and has a little 2 year old boy running around her house...she's a Mommy!" I witnessed her giving "time outs" and getting him dressed, making lunch and snacks, soothing a boo boo and thought how naturally doing "mommy" things came to her.

I always wanted to be a Mom and looked forward to having kids but wasn't sure how I would do stuffing diaper bags, mixing formula, soothing a crying baby, etc. I'm so disorganized! Anyway, it's impossible to know everything. I learned by doing...Some of it was natural...some of it wasn't. I spoke with other Moms and read articles to help us figure out how to ease colic, diaper rash, sleeping patterns, spitting up, etc. Soon, I was a natural at stuffing the diaper bag and prepping formula before heading out the door. I don't always get things right...but who does? The most important thing is make sure that through all the time outs, talking back and tantrums that they are loved with all your heart and more! (Plus, of course, clean, well-fed, challenged, read to, etc. , etc., etc.)

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