Bring on 2011 !

Hope everyone had a happy and safe eve last night!  We spent it home...warm & cozy with the kids.  No wild parties this year ;)

OK, Some things I want to work on right away in the New Year are:

  1. Work off my holiday weight....My jeans are sooo tight!
  2. Develop a schedule for house cleaning, meals, and time to work in the studio & stick to it.
  3. Work on a new craft / art project with the kids each month.  I would love to do it once a week but time just flies by too quickly.  
  4. Finish the freebie charts I am working on to share with everyone.
  5. Get my Licensing site up.   I have to stop being a perfectionist with it already.
  6. Get my new main site up.  Again...stop being a perfectionist!
  7. Learn how to create a multiple page PDF file from Illustrator CS.  Do I NEED to buy Adobe Acrobat or should I just buy the newest version of Illustrator?
  8. Declutter the house and prepare for an Open House (I just know it will sell this year!).
  9. Eat fruits & vegetable every day...I'm so bad with that.
  10. Start my vitamin regimen.

Whew!  I think that's enough things to get started in the New Year.
Did you make any resolutions?

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