New Art Studio...

 I'm so happy as right now there is a contractor working on closing off our sitting room from our bedroom and that new space will become my artist studio! 

We have a nice size house but with little kids I really need a place with doors and a lock.  Working at the kitchen table and dining room table with paints and a toddler was too challenging.  I'm so looking forward to having a place to house all my paints, papers, and other supplies!  AND looking forward to the freedom of leaving my supplies out and waiting for me.  With 3 kids, I only get to work in short spurts so set up and clean up took more time than my actual painting time.

Now I am going through my piles and boxes of sketches to organize them better.  I can't believe how tricky it is.  There are so many sketches that are misc. so I guess I'll just have a HUGE miscellaneous box to place them in for now. 

So glad my husband thought of this.  Why we didn't think of it sooner?

Back to sorting...Have a great day :)

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Glenys said...

Nice bird sketch!