OK, I know it's early but here are C'mas Labels!

I know it's only the end of September but these labels were such a hit last year that I thought I would list them earlier this year. I just had my first sale of these so I guess it may not be too early to list!

These labels add a festive touch to your outgoing mail. Or, you can have them printed with another message such as, "Happy Holiday's from the Smith Family" and use them on gifts.

You can see them HERE.


Ida said...

Hello from a fellow Fish! I'm so happy to have found you - your labels are really cute! I just hearted the Christmas set on Etsy and I think I'll get back to you with an order soon. :)
Ida in QC, Canada

Little Art Studio said...

Hello Ida!
Thanks so much for the sweet compliment...So glad you like them :)
Nice to meet a fellow Fish as well!