Back in the Air Conditioning...

Thank goodness for AC!

Just spent the day with the 3 kids at the outdoor shops. We finally got pictures taken...The picture to the left (my 2 with my Sis's kids) was taken nearly 3 years ago. My brother, a graphic artist, super-imposed my little girl in the wagon where she was supposed to be sitting (she was crying too much to be in the actual pic). He did a great job!

Today, I have 3 kids and my 1 year old made it into one picture before crying. Overall, the pics came out great.

I have friends that get pics done for each of their kids BD's and then for Easter & Christmas. That's like 2-4 x a year at least! I felt bad as it's been three years since we had them done and little kids change so much so quickly. What made me feel better is that I do take tons at home.

How often do you get pics done of your sweet kiddies?

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