End of Summer

What a beautiful day! The humidity is leaving and the air feels so clean and cool...so refreshing! I'm so happy fall is just around the corner.

These photos are of our backyard. Some of my family and friends think we live out in the middle of nowhere.
I guess from these photos it looks like that! We really have tons of shopping and good parks right around the corner.

Our yard backs up to a little corn and soy farm. Since I had never been around a farm on a regular basis before, I never realized how beautiful the scenery could be and how fast it changes. Between the fast-growing crops and the different color skies we get an ever-changing landscape of beautiful rich bands of color throughout the year.

Anyway, the colors today were so vibrant that I just had to take some pictures. These pictures don't do the true colors of the day justice but give you an idea :)

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